2020 Triangle Tweener List (OLD)

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What is a Triangle Tweener?

Triangle Tweeners have the following criteria:

  • They must be headquartered in the Triangle.
  • They need to be a technology company — software, hardware, tech-enabled services, digitally native brands, e-commerce, etc. No agencies, or consultancies. No life science (drugs, CRO, medical devices) companies (I wouldn’t know how to help you understand those).
  • Have a minimum of $1,000,000/yr in sales OR 10 people.
  • Once a company is over $80m/yr in revenue or 500 employees they ‘graduate’ off the list.

About the Author

I’m Scot Wingo, Triangle-area serial entrepreneur (Stingray Software, AuctionRover, ChannelAdvisor and Spiffy).

How Can I Help?

First, you can help me spread the list. Second, if you have any Triangle Tweener candidates I missed, let me know (comments, DM, etc.).

2020 Update: The Big Picture

The 2020 Tweener list reflects the activity of 2019, and so-on. I’ve been doing the list in a more data rich format for 3yrs so we have some interesting trends we can look at summarized in this table:

  • Exits are down 71% y/y — On the surface this maybe concerning, but you have to look at it with the investment datapoint in the next bullet. I view it as positive that exits are down, our Tweeners are raising more capital and scaling up to bigger sizes vs. exiting early. That’s a good thing because it means we’ll have more possible graduates.
  • Investments are up 172% — Investments in 2018 were $160m compared to $436m in 2019. Sure you have some whoppers in there, but even number of investment-wise, 2019 was a huge investment years for Tweeners. This is up and down the fundraising cycle. We saw great late stage investments, but also tons of large Series A and seed deals with Pryon’s $20m for a Series A deal busting that bracket.
  • Tweeners up 23% — Because there were so many exits in the 2018 cohort, the net tweener count stayed at 143. In 2019, we ended up with a 23% increase in Tweeners. The math was 143 to start. We lost 11 (5 M+A, 6 off list) and gained 44 for a net of 33 additions.
  • Bottom line — This middle segment of the startup pipeline I call Tweeners that I’ve focused on has never been healthier from top to bottom. We have tons of capital flowing into the category, we have lots of great new startups coming in the top of the funnel. I think we’re setting up for an amazing 2020’s decade for Triangle Tweeners and our overall Triangle entrepreneurial ecosystem! Buckle up!

2020 Update: Acquisitions

In 2018 there was ~$300m in M+A in Tweeners and in 2019 we blew that out of the water with 5 deals that are valued at over $1.4B in M+A activity. Congrats to all the founders, teams and investors on this list, we look forward to hearing about your next Triangle Tweener startups!

  • Prometheus group was acquired by Genstar Capital for over $1B (5/30/19)
  • Samanage was acquired for $350m by SolarWinds (4/12/19)
  • Medfusion acquired by NextGen Healthcare — $43m (11/13/19)
  • CARS acquired by Primeritus Financial Services (amount not revealed) (4/3/19)
  • First acquired by RE/MAX (amount not revealed) (12/21/19)

2020- Update: Wind-downs, too small, etc.

Here are the Tweeners off the list because they either folded, fell below our requirements, moved, etc. Doing what we do is HARD and failing to get to an exit or Graduate status is nothing to be embarrassed about and should be applauded. At least these folks gave it a shot and hopefully they will take another run and knock it out of the park on their second ‘at-bat’.

  • Active Location appears to have ceased operations
  • EmployUS has fallen below the Tweener requirements (headcount)
  • MapMyCustomers- re-domiciled to NYC.
  • MATI Energy — Unfortunately as we were preparing this year’s Tweener List, we learned that MATI has chosen to wind down operations.
  • Organic Transit has reportedly also wound down operations
  • Stealz — Stealz folded but lives on in Epifany

2020 Update: Tweener Financings of Note

In 2018 there was ~$150m in investments in Triangle Tweeners and this year we have more than doubled that with a huge set of great investments:

  • $100m — Pendo 10/17/19 — Series E — Sapphire Ventures
  • $75m — Spreedly — 11/13/19 — Spectrum Equity
  • $65m — CloudFactory — 11/20/19 — FTV Capital
  • $53m — ArchiveSocial — 5/8/19 — PE — Level Equity
  • $32m — PrecisionHawk — 12/11/19 — Series E — Millennium Technology Value Partners
  • $20m — Pryon — 6/11/19 — Series A — Rise of the Rest
  • $18m — SignalPath — 10/22/19 — Series B — *Undisclosed
  • $10m — Spiffy — 6/26/19 — Tribeca Venture Partners
  • **$7.75m — Disruptive Enterprises — Series A — One Better Ventures
  • $6m — Phononic — 4/2/19 — *Undisclosed
  • $6m — Levitate (aka Real Magic) 6/1/19 — *Undisclosed
  • $5m — Eton Solutions — 6/7/19 — *Undisclosed
  • $4.7m Allstacks — 12/4/19 — Hyperplane Venture Capital
  • **$4.7m- FISCAL Technologies — 12/17/19 — Octopus Investments (EU based)
  • **$4.7m — Higharc — 5/9/19 — Pillar VC
  • $3.6m — MATI — 6/13/19 — *Undisclosed
  • $3.5m — KEEN — 4/9/19 — Spring Mountain Capital
  • **$3.4m — Terra Dotta — 5/16/19 — LNC Partners
  • ** $2m — InsightFinder — 12/21/19 (got in just under the wire!) — IDEA Fund Partners (IFP) led
  • **$1.5m — Klearly — 10/17/19 — IDEA Fund Partners (IFP)
  • $1.2m — Memberhub — 9/20/19 — *Undisclosed
  • $1.1m — Silbo — 10/29/19 — Dantes Investment, IDEA Fund Partners (IFP)
  • $1.1m — Improved Nature — 1/13/19 — *Undisclosed
  • **$2m — SWIR (debt and investment) — 12/19/19 — *Undisclosed
  • $1m — Element451–10/10/19 — Cofounders Capital
  • $1m Feedtrail — 5/30/19 — Dioko Ventures
  • **$1m Zynbit — 1/2/19 — River SaaS Capital
  • **800k — Liine — *Undisclosed

2020 Update: New to the Tweener list:

We’ve also discovered 43 new Tweeners that we’re adding to the list this year. Note: you can search for the new additions by searching for “New for 2020!”

  • AllStacks
  • Aqueti
  • CData Software
  • Coworks
  • CureMint
  • D-wise
  • Disruptive Enterprises
  • Epifany
  • Eventops
  • FISCAL Technologies
  • Green Energy Corp
  • Growers Holdings
  • Hi Fidelity Genetics
  • Higharc
  • IdeaBlock
  • InHerSight
  • InsightFinder
  • Investiquant
  • Kaleido
  • Klearly
  • Liine
  • Limited Run Games
  • Logistiview
  • Looma Project
  • Pattern Health
  • Plasma Games
  • Primal Space Systems
  • Pro-ficiency
  • REIN
  • Revibe Technologies
  • Sitation
  • Stitchgolf
  • SWIR Vision Systems
  • Tanjo, Inc.
  • Terra Dotta
  • The Climate Service
  • Trade Pending
  • Trill AI
  • Tyrata
  • USAT Corp
  • Weaveup
  • Well Dot
  • Zynbit

Finally: The 2020 Triangle Tweener List

(Drum roll please!) Now without further adieu here is the 2020 Tweener List. The list is in alphabetical order and includes a ‘pitch’ for the company (my take on how I would describe them in 2–4 sentences). The size (data sourced from LinkedIn), the investors (data sourced from Crunchbase, GrepBeat, WRAL, etc.), the CEO’s name and a link to the LinkedIn page for the company if you’d like to learn more.

Triangle Tweener Update Log

January 30, 2020— Published the 2020 Edition.

  • Updated StrongKey entry as per their request
  • Updated Ideablock LI
  • Tweaked CData pitch as per co



CEO of Spiffy (www.getspiffy.com) and Co-Founder/Executive Chairman of ChannelAdvisor

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Scot Wingo

Scot Wingo

CEO of Spiffy (www.getspiffy.com) and Co-Founder/Executive Chairman of ChannelAdvisor