The Inaugural 2019 Triangle Tweener Celebration and Awards Event — Highlights and Pics!

You could say we had a WHALE of a time…

How the Tweener Event Was Born

At ChannelAdvisor, for the last 10+ yrs, we have hosted an annual event called Catalyst that is half customer meet-up and half industry event. Suffice it to say, I have a very clear and deep understanding of what it takes to put an event on, so over the years when folks have said: “Scot, you should do a Tweener event!”, I have shied away from it. Fortunately, lady luck raised knocked on the door around Thanksgiving of 2018. I was approached by the Friends of the NC Museum of Natural History about a tricky puzzle — how could we partner to bring the startup and tech folks in the Triangle into the museum, build awareness of this awesome area asset and get them excited about what’s going on?

Awards Recap

  • TransLoc, acquired by Ford (DNA)
  • InmotionNow, acquired by PE firm Level Equity (DNA)
  • Pendo: $50m round (DNA)
  • Teamworks: $15m round. Teamwork’s co-founder and COO, Mitch Heath was there to receive the award:
  • Real Magic/Levitate— Jesse Lipson (DNA)
  • Pureport — Rich Lee. Rich is a serial entrepreneur who started Hosted Solutions and sold it for > $300m. He’s back with a really cool new company in the cloud infrastructure space called Pureport. This is definitely a Tweener to watch:
  • Boostopia — Boostopia CEO Justin Winter was there to receive the award:
  • Device Magic — Device Magic’s CEO, Dusan Babich was there to receive the award:
  • Element451 — Element451’s CEO Ardis Kadiu was there to receive the award:
  • Freedom — Freedom’s CEO, Fred Stutzman, was there to receive the award:
  • Improved Nature — DNA
  • Mindsumo — DNA
  • Pawboost — Pawboost co-CEO, Tim Kijewski was there to receive the award:
  • ProcessMaker — ProcessMaker CEO, Brian Reale, was there to receive the award:
  • StrongKey (they have a really cool octopus logo — check it out) — their CEO Jake Kiser, was there to receive the award.
  • Wiser Systems — last but not least (and as a Wingo, I have some experience here at the end of the alphabet), Elaine Rideout, CEO of Wiser Systems was there to receive their award:


After the event, the NCMNH head Paleontologist, Lindsay Zanno, PhD gave us an awesome talk about some cool fossils and everyone nerded out on 66,000,000 old dinosaurs.

Shout outs and Thanks

Thanks again to the NCMNH, HPG, Robinson Bradshaw, the awesome folks of the Triangle community that really showed up and Spiffy’s Kelsey Sullivan who ‘volunteered’ to be the photographer for the evening.

After Party: Crowd Shots!

It wouldn’t be an event post without some shots of the crowds — who can you spot from the Triangle’s startup community?

What’s Next?

It’s hard to think about another event after you just finished a heavy lift, but the feedback so far on the event has been very positive. What do you think — should we try it again next year? Let me know in comments. I like the idea of moving around the Triangle to different very unique places that you wouldn’t normally think of for events. Any ideas there?



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